Ring in any Holiday

Each special occasion throughout the year we feature Holiday favorites. Smoked & fresh Hams, Rack O Lamb, Farm raised Fresh turkeys and more.

Tom Fridays Market
Freezer Specials

We offer three FREEZER SPECIALS.  You select the best choice for your budget and taste of assorted customer favorites.


Each week we prepare HOMEMADE dishes for your convenience. Stuffed Pork chops - Meat loaves,  cooked Kielbossy & Kraut and many more.

Steaks and Roasts

Thin, thick, cut to order USDA Angus beef.  Rack of Lamb, Leg O Lamb, Veal cuts, Crown Roast or Pork, we prepare to order.


From Shrimp (all sizes), Lobster, Crab, Jumbo cod, shark and other varieties of fish is just one phone call away.


party trays to order, Sandwich rings, Potato Salad, Shrimp Trays, and the list goes on...

Custom made Trays

Let's get ready to PARTY!
Shrimp Trays,
Meat Trays, Cheese trays, Pepperoni trays, Vegetable Trays, Sandwich Rings

Cut to order

Regardless of the Beef, Pork, Lamb, or Poultry selection we always cut to order. We have many customers that find our ground meat the most flavorful.

Ready made
Salads, meatballs, hoagies, stuffed banana peppers, Homemade pierogies, flavored burgers, Mac N' Cheese etc.