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Tom Fridays Market started serving Pittsburgh way back in 1955 and has stayed committed to the same great customer service for over 60 years now. We offer a full selection of all-natural beef, chicken, pork, and fish hand carved right here on site. It's rare these days to visit the butcher and see hanging sides of beef, but that's just what you'll find when you visit Tom's. In fact, we're the last place in Pittsburgh to feature it. Our butchers are dedicated to their craft and have decades of experience identifying the finest marbling and tenderness to get you the perfect cut for any meal. When it comes down to it, everything you get here is fresh cut to order your way, every day.

Comments Why Choose Us?

"Tom Friday's is one of the only butchers left in Pittsburgh, and the meats are delicious. My family stopped here to buy our New Year's Day dinner, and the sausages were excellent. Prices were more than reasonable. I love that they stock local products! The shop is very small with limited hours but really excellent."

"I think this is the best butcher shop in Pittsburgh. It has been around since I was born. The owner is always behind the counter cutting meats to your liking. They have already made meatloaf that you just have to throw in the oven that are amazing. Small selection of fruits and vegetables. It also has a small selection of other foods. If you take Giant Eagle and scale it down to 2 aisles of food. Although you go here for the meats. Great prices, Great people. I just recently saw Local on the southside uses his meat blend for their burgers. If you want something quick for dinner, or want to fill up your freezer with their special, this is the place to go. It is super convenient if you are on the northside of Pittsburgh... If not, it is still worth the drive."

Our Expertise


Awesome meat, great people and fair prices! What more could you as for? They quality of the meats sold are unparalleled!  It's wonderful to still be able to have the meat cut to your specifications for whatever meal you're about to prepare. The quality really does not reflect the price. I've paid a whole lot more for inferior meat. Please support this business,it's one of last places you can still build a relationship with the purveyor! Typically if they don't have it,they'll get it for you! Once I needed 10 lbs of pork belly for a recipe, I called early enough and the next day they had it there for me. I don't buy meat  from any other establishment for fear of being disappointed! Friday's the butcher shop still left! Please support so they don't go away,it would be a loss to us all!.
I also believe that Tom Friday's defines the term "Meat shop."  I've never been disappointed.  Excellent meats, good quality at reasonable prices and great customer service.  I've had several of their offerings including the pre-made hoagies (yummy) and homemade kielbasa (perfectly seasoned).  Their ground meat makes the most delectible burgers.  The huge cuts of steak I've had were always the freshest.  And I'm always a fan of the popular butter steaks.  
What can i say that EVERYONE in the area doesn't already know??  I've been going there over 30 years...the staff are always friendly.. their deli meats and cheeses are good quality and well below chain store prices...and the specials are always a fabulous value!  i have never been in the store when its not busy busy busy...that just shows how much people love this store!

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