Tom Fridays Market
T.G.I.S.F. (Thank Goodness I Shop Fridays)

Tom Friday's Market

Last Store in Pittsburgh city limits to carry fresh hanging sides of beef .

has served the metropolitan Pittsburgh and surrounding suburban areas with fresh meat products since 1955. We are located at the intersection of Termon Avenue in Brighton Heights area. Offering a full selection of meats, groceries and produce, specializing in our daily cut and trimmed

We are one of the few last stores to carry fresh hanging sides of beef. We select the finest corn fed beef for superior Marbling, Flavor and Tenderness. All of our meat is Cut and Hand Trimmed at our facility, including lamb and veal. All Exceeds USDA requirements. Our poultry is all Natural and Delivered ice-packed daily.

Hanging BeefTom Friday's Market reputation as a premier marketer of fine beef, veal and lamb products is built from commitment of quality and value as well as attention and service to our customers. Daily home delivery and customer satisfaction has been our...
Hallmark for over 61 Years.

Tom Friday
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